Performance Parts Audi R8? Boring

In yet another attempt to mask a decade old super car, Audi have given this one red paint.

There is no hiding the truth: The Audi R8 is long in the tooth. When this was first released Justin Timberlake was bringing Sexy Back and Thabo Mbeki was still President.

Now, 12 years later Audi have done what they always do when it comes to the R8. They've taken a once great super car and made it a bit rarer, a bit lighter and given it a different name so you will think it's all new.

Of course though it isn't, despite the fact that only 44 of these will be built at well over R3 million a pop.

Indeed, that's what it costs for tedious things that will impress you. Like shaving off a few grammes at the brakes by giving the brake plates titanium backing. Or shedding 8kgs at the wheels, with a set of lighter rims.

Tweaks like that, combined with better aerodynamics, all mean more downforce at speed, and more feels from the same ol' V10 that we were raving about when had a feeling that tonight was gonna be a good night.

Since then, we've had Obama. A tangerine clown. A world cup at home. Another world cup with a 7-1. And now another world cup that belongs to France.

Until Qatar then. Or until the end of the world. Here's to this version of the R8. The Performance Parts R8. The one with the Misano red paint job that is, surprise-surprise, not very new at all.

Come on Audi. You're better than this!