This luxurious tank comes with bomb protection

Rezvani are back people. This time with the TANK Military Edition! It's “designed to withstand an apocalyptic attack”.

Yes, now the standard Rezvani TANK comes with the option to upgrade to a Military Edition and if that's not the coolest thing you've heard today, well, we want to live your life bro.

We loved the American made Rezvani when it was released last year and then, proudly called it Jacob Zuma's favouite new car and the perfect teflon machine.

Now though, it gets even better, if it was ever possible to build on the awesomeness of a tank.

For how's this: Among some of the ridiculous upgrades is the military grade bullet proof glass and run flat tyres, gas masks, bomb protection, intercom and siren and of course a smoke screen. Yes, a smoke screen for when you want to make like the Guptas and disappear son...

This is quite the machine, expensive too at R4 Million a pop, so we're glad that night vision is now standard. It just wouldn't be right if it wasn't, so thanks to Rezvani for that.

Oh, and by the way, the Military Edition also comes with a hypothermia kit if you were worried that it didn't. You know, for when it's so 'bliksems koud in die karoo' that you need a kit to fix it.

Makes you wonder why you left the car in the first place.