Is this the most beautiful Porsche in the world?

Since its reveal at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, this re-imagined and re-engineered 911 by Singer and Williams may very well be the most beautiful Porsche in the world.

Sure we're biased. And sure we love Porsche. But surely (and most surely) anyone would agree that this is one of the most beautiful Porsches in the world, even if Porsche is not your thing.

It is the “most advanced air-cooled Porsche 911” ever made and has more weight saving secrets than than Julius Malema.

The titanium pedals have been drilled to shed a few grammes - and if that's not pedantic, what is? Well, perhaps the carbon fibre Recaro seats that make this gorgeous thing lighter than ever.

But, that's all the boring stuff really, isn't it, because how's this: Its brand-spanking new flat-six 4-litre that pushes out 368kW, optimised by clever ducts and holes that force more air into the motor than the original 911 designers could ever have dreamed of.

It all means that its performance matches its looks, which brings us full circle...

Yoh. This thing is frrresh. There isn't another word for it, so go on, roll your 'r' properly when you say it.