Facelifted Porsche Macan spotted testing in South Africa

When you need to make sure that your 4X4 can do the business, bring it to Africa son!

Porsche have released several photos of the new Porsche Macan (albeit somewhat disguised) testing in South Africa. It's all part of the lead up to its full reveal, which is coming soon...

Be assured, whatever it looks like, 37% of Porsche buyers will absolutely love it because how's this crazy stat: 37% of all Porsche's sold in 2018 were Macans, which is Macan us all a little mad.

Yes, we are still old school enough to believe that Porsche's belong flat on the floor, but that doesn't mean that we don't like them way up high. We do actually, quite a lot, which is not something that anyone should say out loud...

Needless to say, whatever our secret thoughts are, we are happy that it is being tested in South Africa because dem Germans know must know bro! Africa or nadda...

Porsche says that this Macan was put through “extensive load tests over the last few months” and that it has been“significantly enhanced in terms of its design, comfort, connectivity and driving dynamics”.

Well, who are we not to believe them? They're Germans making cars. We're sure that whatever they say is true. True indeed.

Watch this space for the full reveal!

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