This LEGO Aston Martin comes with an ejector seat!

Jip, LEGO are back with another outrageous build. This time it's James Bond's classic DB5.

Build, build, build son. Time, time, time bro.

1290 pieces later and what you'll get is this! What the heck is it? Well, it's the coolest damn thing you can do if you don't have a life and this man's face says it all...

Anyway, annoying faces aside, this is The LEGO Creator Expert James Bond Aston Martin DB5, which comes with a working ejector seat, number plates that flip around and other cool things like guns. And spikes out of the wheels. And all those things that the James Bond car does in the movie.

Which movie? You know. That old one with the 'silver birch' classic Aston and the old British man...

Anyways, what it all means is that LEGO is finding ever more interesting ways to waste our time because be assured if we had one, we wouldn't be writing this article. Nope, we'd be stuck cursing that one inevitable piece that doesn't fit.