Tuner makes sexy Mercedes-AMG even sexier!

Wherever you wake up today, this should inspire you.

Take it in gents. Just take it all in. For it doesn't matter where you woke up on this Thursday morning, this should bring you to joyful tears.

Whether you're fighting frost in the Southern Free State, pretending to have "winter" in Durban or looking up at Table Mountain's morning blanket - you will probably love this.

It doesn't matter if you're being choked by Fourways traffic, being enveloped by Oudtshoorn's emptiness or taking a stroll down a Nieu-Bethesda lane - you will probably love this.

It doesn't matter if you're on Kruger-ranger duty, avoiding pot holes in the North West or enjoying a promenade walk in Port Elizabeth - you will probably love this!

Yes, it is a Mercedes-AMG GT S by German tuner, Prior Design, which on its own is normally fantastic enough. But when it's dropped by 40mm, is made wider than a six-lane highway and gets a paint job out of Fast and Furious 16 (or whatever they're on now), it just looks even more fantastic than it is.

Wow. What a statement!

Nothing under the skin though has changed here by the way. It's the same old brutal V8, twin-turbo and all, 384kW and everything, except for the fact that the exhaust system is new. That probably means a louder noise then but in a good way that matches the skin.

So wherever you wake up this morning, be inspired gents. If this is not a reason to work hard today, well then, what is?