Tragedy! New Fiesta ST NOT coming to SA. Here's why...

Hold onto your hats gents. We're livid! The quality of our fuel is apparently not good enough for the new ST.

Can you handle it? One of the most iconic sporting hatches around won't come to South Africa and that there is the biggest tragedy since, since... well, just since!

It is outrageous! Stupid! Madness! How can we be denied the ST? It is a tragedy. A pure and proper tragedy of epic proportions!

Those South Africans in love with cars should be protesting right about now because we will never forget how the ST of the mid-noughties redefined the GT stripe and became the most desirable small hot hatch of its age.

So, what will come of this age then? What will the youth of today do without this celebration of affordable power? What will we aspire to? What will we become?

Worse though is perhaps the unnecessary and annoying reason why it isn't coming. Hear this: The quality of South African fuel is not good enough for its sensitive fuel filters and isn't that just the most annoying thing you've heard today?

Now, we ain't fuel experts and know nothing about how to make it cleaner. But, we do know this: Someone better do something about it because the ST might just be the start of it...

Let's unite, gents. Unite for clean fuel!