Bentley celebrates 100th birthday with this awesome touch

Bentley is turning 100! And, to celebrate, a piece of yesteryear comes standard in this Mulsanne W.O. Edition. Nice.

Well if this interior doesn't make you spit out your coffee, what will? It is quite, um, forceful, we think and looks as rich as a red velvet chocolate cake with added sugar.

Yes, this is the limited-edition Bentley Mulsanne W.O. Edition that arrives to celebrate 100 years of Bentley and 100 years of interiors just like this. This then, as you would imagine, is one of just 100 that will be built and we can't decide if that's good or bad...

Regardless, it does come with a very cool touch within the cocktail cabinet, so look carefully. Yes, that there there beneath the glass strip is a piece of history: A piece of the crankshaft from the original Bentley 8 Litre owned W.O. Bentley himself, which, as ridiculous as it is, is very, very cool.

The car itself though is not and looks like a hearse, despite being a very powerful one. A 6.75-litre V8 pushes out 377 kW and hear this, over 1000Nm of torque, which is a lot. A lot, a lot!

No doubt, ol' W.O. Bentley would have been proud we think of his great ol' luxurious legacy and we're glad that rich-red interiors still exist, even if personally we feel a little sick!

Each to their own bro. Each to their own.

Happy Monday!