Gorgeous Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta will cost R236m

Yes. You read correctly. A quarter of a billion for Pagani's masterpiece.

Some things in life are expensive. Other things though, like this, are so cosmically expensive that you wonder what it even means. R236 million for a car is so silly-a-price that we can't even get our head around it. It's madness!

But, that's not the most outrageous number about this super-super-super car that we first saw last year and cried. No, the more outrageous number is 3.


Three will be built. Well, two more than the one that already exists, which is even more annoying because the first one belongs to the owner of Pagani. You know, that man who we all wish we were.

But, you ask, how can a car cost that much? Surely it can't be worth it. Normally we'd say yes, it can't be. But, when it comes to Pagani you have to understand this: Pagani is to Bugatti what Ferrari is to VW. It is the 'hyperest and superest' car you can own because every other hyper and super car is just not as cool or as rare or detailed as this.

Take a look at the thing. Those arches covering the wheels out back. That roof scoop without a roof. That wrap-around windscreen! The details are ridiculous. The sound is extraordinary. Pagani's don't rev - they bite!

They are the black rhino. The Cape leopard. The black-maned lion. Only a lucky few will get to see them and, when you do, you'll feel like a better human being. Now, just imagine owning all 588kW of this one, all 6-litres of its V12, all 1100Nm of its torque.

R236 million? Sounds like a bargain if you ask us. Especially for the rarest one of all - the Barchetta!