Meet Bugatti's Sky View! We're not in the mood...

Yes, Bugatti is fancy. Fancy enough to rename an entire car when it gets a sun roof. Give us a break.

Well, if you don't believe us, know this: We couldn't make it up it's that ridiculous.

You see, when your car gets a sunroof its doesn't change its name. Its roof just becomes see-through. But Bugatti? Well, when the Chiron gets a sunroof it undergoes a name change that sounds like a Bond villa and even gets a public debut, which, by the way, is in August - not that we care.

Oh Bugatti. Bugatti, Bugatt, Bugatti.  When a Golf gets a sunroof it at least can open and it won't look like a pair of backyard panel inserts. I mean come on: What the heck is this? It's not very flattering and frankly, very unnecessary.

The Sky View? Come on brother.

Then, how's this: Bugatti say that the glass has been tinted for a little added privacy. Well, why put glass in at all then if you don't want your bald spot to be seen?

Then, to really add fuel to this ridiculous fire they go onto say that the tint is also in place to not unduly dazzle the occupant. 

Well, we don't know about you, but never in my life have I been dazzled in a car with a glass roof, and I pity the sensitive soul that is. It makes you wonder then why the poor ol' sensitive soul bought a W16 with 1102kW in the first place, if a lighten cabin sends them into a state of 'dazzle'.

Give us a break Bugatti. We're not in the mood.