This custom Rover is literally part fish!

If you want it, this Range Rover come with shagreen seats, which is made from the skin of a sting ray. Nah bro - not cool.

Now, let's make this clear: GT MAG loves outrageous cars! Always has, always will bro and one little browse here will confirm it.

But never, and never-never will it look forward to, or miss, or dream of, or celebrate a car with seats that are covered with the skin of sting rays. Because yes, can you believe it: That's actually a thing and Overfinch, a Range Rover tuner, now offers the option of seats covered in shagreen, which, in the context of the dyer state of species all across the world, is in really poor taste.

Sure, only certain rays are endangered (don't worry, we checked) but the principal of using exotic animal skins for seats is just ridiculous. It's outdated. It's entirely unnecessary!

Now, we know what you're thinking: But what about those poor cows and all that leather? Well, just because we eat burgers doesn't mean we enjoy shark fin soup - know what I'm-sayin?

Come on...

Oh, and by the way, they also offer the option of our all time Karoo-favourite and fully-feathered African dinosaur, ostrich skin. You know, for if life for you needs the exotic boost but the shagreen guilt is just too much to handle.

How bizarre can you get? And how unfortunate too because this carbon draped monster is truly something awesome to behold and comes with a feature so ridiculously cool that it almost makes you forget that this it's a rich poacher's dream.

Exhaust valves are controlled by bluetooth, changing the engine sound, so you can decide if one day you want to pretend that you're from the East Rand - and the next from Vredehoek.

Choice is yours in this, but either way you'll look like you have more money than sense because when buying a custom Rangie, that's exactly what you're saying.

Be that as it may, each to their own.

But please, whatever you decide, know this: Get it with shagreen seats and the world will judge you!