How about a set of mags for R180k?

Damn. You've really got to love these wheels to drop a car's worth of bucks on them.

Look. GT MAG loves frrresh wheels as much as you do, but even we are sceptical about wheels that cost more than a car. Well, a very affordable car that is, but still, R180 000 for really nice shoes?

Yoh. Ouens have dreams son!

Jip, these are German Tuner, ABT Sportsline wheels called "aerowheels", which might just be the coolest thing about them because are they really that frrresh? Perhaps. But R180k worth of fresh? Heavy days.

They first debuted earlier this year on a tuned RS6, which, in green, looks as good as an Audi can look. But now, following a whole lot of love, you too can get them with gold finishes and the most noticeable thing that differentiates these from all other wheels in the world - a carbon fibre ring that looks like a hollowed out Frisbee.

Look, we don't dislike these wheels - not at all. But for R180k remember that you can buy a Polo Vivo and smack on a brand new set of 17s sommer just because.

There you have it. Hashtag, just saying bro.