5 cool cars under R100k

Only have 100k to spend? Well, these cars all cost less and you can have them today!

You wouldn’t think that you could get much for under R100k, but when depreciation strikes, it hits you like a Zim military coup.

Indeed, there is way more available than you might think for under R100k and one quick browse of autotrader.co.za and yours eyes will be opened!

So, here then are 5 cool cars that you can buy right now if the budget is tight, but you're still feeling like you need something a bit more substantial than a bread tin.

Don't we all brother? You said it...


2008 Renault Megane RS R94 900

This throaty, Darth Vader-sounding hot hatch will blast you to 100km/h in just 6.5 seconds, courtesy of a 2-litre turbo that kicks out 165kw! Nice.

Best of all? No one will ever see it coming.


1990 Porsche 944 S2

R89 000

No you’re not going crazy! You can actually buy a real Porsche for under a hundred grand and it would probably be an investment to do so. This rear wheel drive racing icon is powered by a flat six 3-litre and will deliver smiles for miles - and hit 100km/h in under 7 seconds.

Did we mention that it’s a Porsche for under R100K? Sick.


1995 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe 500 R99 500

This list wouldn’t be cool if we didn’t feature a V8, and few V8s are as luxurious as this German. This S500 cost around R1 million brand new in 1995, and to think that you can now have it for under a hundred grand is madness.

Indeed, even now it will give you more than most new cars combined. Oh, and you'll look as pimp AF btw, which is a bonus.


2006 VW Golf GTI R99 550

An OG VrrPha for under R100k? What it is brother - what it is! The Golf GTI has to be one of the coolest hot hatches around and if you live in South Africa and dare look up now and then, you'll know why.

This one even leaves you with R450 change so that you can spend the rest on data! Sick.


2005 BMW X5 R72 500

The 2005 BMW X5 is an all-wheel drive luxury SUV and features the driving characteristics of most 2018 sedans. This one, nearly 13 years old, looks as fresh as ever and more importantly, more expensive than it is. A full-on road-tripping luxurious machine for R70k?

Now if that's not cool, what is? Grab a surf board, three friends and get tripping!