Hennessey's 10,000th car comes with a letter

Our best American friends have released a Mustang to celebrate their 10,000th car. As usual, it's amazing!

Question: What's better than a Ford Mustang?

Answer: A Ford Mustang by Hennessey in a red racing livery with more power than the sun and the "option" of brakes.

You've got to love and appreciate the Americans, don't you? Only they can give you the option of an outrageous Ford Mustang that pushes on 603kW, to only then give you the option of stopping it.

Of course though, that's a little silly of us: It will stop without them we're sure - or at least we hope so. Yes, 0-100km/h in 3.3 seconds brought on by a mammoth 904Nm of torque means that you'll need to stop a lot. A lot, a lot! So why not just be reasonable and buy the large Brembo brakes anyway?

Indeed, you'll never know when you need them. A 10.7-second quarter mile means that you could need them more often than not, especially if you spend your weekends on Witkoppen dicing like a steroid-pumped boych.

Ironically though, you might not be as compelled to act like an idiot if you owned one of these anyway because of how it looks. Which, as you can see, is really good. So driving slower to show it off might just be the better tact...

Only 19 of these will be built and sold by the way, so best get buying. Better still, they will only be sold for R1.2 million a pop, which for a sub-3.5 second car is quite frankly, a steal.

Then, there's the best part of all. Buy it and you'll get a letter. A personal letter from John Hennessey himself that, we can only imagine, thanks you for being a mad man.

On behalf of all South Africans John - 'no, no - thank you brother, thank you!'