Lister for my blister!

It's been 6 months since Lister introduced us to the Thunder. Now it's all official and yes, it still sounds like Thunder!

Here at GT MAG we love starting Mondays with a banga-rang! And what better way than an uptuned V8 and a Jag from Lister that will sommer give you a blister?

Yes, the oldest sports car maker in the UK have done what they do best: They've taken an English car meant for uptown gentlemen and turned it into a carbon fibre-draped piece of filth that will break your neck.

Ah yes. The broken neck. Not quite as fun when not brought on by something that pushes on 500kW with an onomatopoeia for a name: The Thunder. The Lister Thunder LFT-666.

Yes, a demonic signature for an other worldly dash: 0-100km/h in 3.2 seconds is like dancing with the devil and a top speed of 335km/h is the quickest way that you'll get to hell if you're looking to go there.

Don't though. Because no matter how impressive these numbers, which they are, this is not worth R2.45 million and one little browse of will show you why. Imagine the possibilities bro...

Still, nothing will be as well-named, we're sure, and few things will sound as good. Then this fact, which hits you like thunder itself: Very few things will be as fast so if its neck-breaks you like, well, have a go son.

Lister for my blister!