MUST SEE! Heavenly E-Type restored

It isn't the one that the purists will love - that's the series 1. But hey, what's there not to love about this series 3?

Sure, old E-Types might not be your thing but let's be honest, you'd have to be un-human to think that the profile of this E-Type Series 3 is not heavenly. 

With those fine spokes as they sit beneath it, tediously chromed, it should make us question our motoring contemporaries. Where are the artists now, the ones that made cars look this good - the creative geniuses that drew these magical machines?

Hold up, you  say. What about the Vantage? The Alfa Romeo 4C? The Zonda? Things like that that stand out above everything? The things that GT MAG loves above all else.

Well, here's the truth of it: Put them next to this E-Type and you might then ask yourself - have we really missed the true golden era of motoring?


Be that as it may, at least we still have these: Restmods made modern underneath for the purists who love their cars looking golden, but their tech as modern as modern can be. 

Well, that's not this one to be entirely honest, although it has been comprehensively redone too to satisfy a millennial. LED running lights, bluetooth, you know - those things. And other things too that will make you smile. Like a a bored-out 6.1-litre V12 and 258kW. Nice.

But, it all means nothing. Nothing! Because, holy heck. Take a look at it. It took a year of working hours to put it together, which is extraordinary. Quite extraordinary.

Worth every second, we'd say.