First car? Here are the 5 best that you can buy

Whether you're lucky enough to get a car straight out of Matric or whether you've been saving hard for those four special wheels, these are the best five that you can buy brand new.

Here at GT MAG, the best place to get (cool) buying advice, we understand that a first car is a rite of passage, a ticket to freedom - the first step to motoring glory!

So, whether you’re just starting out and all saved up, or one of the lucky few to get a sparkling new machine straight outta Matric, these cars will do you good. Real good.

They're new, reliable, safe, easy on fuel - and most importantly cheap!

They all use under 6-litres per 100km and have all scored 3-or-more stars in the EuroNCAP safety rating. Nice.


Volkswagen Polo Vivo From R189 900

Ah yes! A true South African favourite. Quite literally. Yes, this is South Africa's best selling new car for a reason and that reason is this: It's a spacious and affordable way to get hold of German quality.

The new Vivo is reliably solid. Solid like the Dwaynes. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson meets Duane "Thor" Vermeulen type-solid! You know, the classic Dwayne-come-Duane sort of solid.

The Vivo is cheap to maintain and it won’t give you any painful headaches when its out of motor-plan, but just make sure that the doors are locked when you walk away from it…


Renault Sandero Stepway From R184 900

Fancy a little French flair? Or rather a little-big French flair, should we say. Indeed, the Stepway offers all the flair you need and more. It is basically a normal Sandero that's decided to hit the gym. It’s gained an extra 40mm ride height, which makes it pretty lekker for some off road-bundu bashing. Perfect for Africa, we'd say.

What’s more is that it features sat-nav as standard. Sick! So, if you're a little more adventurous than most, grab your buddies and go where no normal hatch will dare dream of going. That's the Stepway way.


Hyundai Grand i10 From R179 500

South Korea’s answer to the Europeans is pretty grand, and the i10 is throwing shade at its rivals. It’s main weapon is a nippy 1.2-litre engine that provides all the tar-ripping oomph when you need it.

It’s got a few party tricks up its sleeve as well. The sickest of all tricks has to be the touch-screen infotainment system that is buried beneath more tech than you’ll know how to use.

It's a pretty sweet ride too for the price and is everything you could ever ask for in a first car.


Fiat 500 From R199 950

The Fiat 500 has officially replaced the Mini in many young girls' hearts and that there is the truth of it. This is the type of first car that becomes an extension of yourself and there are tons of customization options that are sure to tickle your fancy, everything from the colourful dashboards to the wheels.

This retro little hatch really shines in the city and parking is made a breeze thanks to its small dimensions.

If you're a guy though, should you steer clear? Well, that's up to you but it's more enjoyable that most guys would care to admit. That's for sure.


Honda Brio Hatchback R145 000

Straight outta Japan, this little Brio really is quite the capable compact car, with a nuke of a 1.2-litre that uses fancy tech to do things. Like mimic the effect of a turbo, which is really cool.

Inside, it comes with the right type of necessities too: Bluetooth and aux for that little bit of gangsta rap or, if you're so inclined, a little bit of Ed. Your choice bro.

It's spacious too by the way, outrageously reliable (it's a Honda after all) and is the most affordable option on this list. If you're so inclined, it also feels the nippiest to drive, which is a nice touch. It's an absolute blast when you’re giving it beans - so go on - give it beans son!