Got a GTI? Catch them if you can!

EcoBeaST is a car-loving South African group that celebrates the Focus ST. They're telling GTIs to pasop son!

When the Focus ST first graced us in bright orange with white stripes, life got that little bit better. It proved that stripes make you look faster and that a turbo under a bright orange bonnet is just a whole lot more fun.

13 years later and South Africans still love the ST more than ever and you don't have to look further than EcoBeaST to see why.

They're a car-loving South African group that does things. Like drive around in their STs and look good. Like drive around in their STs, park and look at other STs. And, like drive around in their STs looking for a GTI or two to crack between the lights.

It's all for fun though, says Privaan of EcoBeaST, who we met last Saturday while half way through an evening run that looked pretty sick.

"EcoBeaST is a way to connect ST-lovers," he says, "It's a unified movement. A way to bring a diverse group of people together who share the same hobby and love. It's a way to socialise. To share ideas.

"It's also about the torque steer," he jokes, "The power beneath your hands. The BeaST is addictive!"

Made up of members from all across South Africa, EcoBeaST is one of many groups that car-lovers all across the country use to identify. Cars are special and unite people. That's what they do best!

But, let's be honest, there's nothing better than like-minded car lovers so if you have an ST yourself and want to have some fun and meet some cool peeps, why not give EcoBeaST a shout?

Their next ST run is a breakfast one through Constantia, Cape Town, so if you'd like to get involved, contact us at GT MAG on our business whatsapp, 066 474 8533, and we'll put you in touch.

Until then, enjoy your torque steer, drive safe and most importantly, look good while you're doing it.

Oh - and GTI drivers? Pasop! EcoBeaST coming in hot...