Let this boomslang green Alfa spike your Monday!

Yoh son. Close your eyes. This Alfa by Pogea Racing is venomous!

Heck, you've gotta have balls to take a modern classic and do to it what Pogea Racing has done to this 4C. Few would disagree that the 4C is one of the best looking cars made this century so who are these crazy mofos who take modern classics, tweak their good bits and paint them in boomslang green?

They're called Pogea Racing and they're real lucky, we guess, that the 4C can look good in anything, including a blanket of absinthe.

Of course, GT MAG actually thinks that this colour is superb and we loved it on the Aston Martin Vantage when it first burnt on our eyes at the end of last year. On this though, it's even more striking and when you also take into account its vicious interior, this might very well be the spike you need to refocus your Monday.

This is to cars what Refreshhh Energy to energy drinks and if you can find something more potent today, well, then please tag us because we'd like to share it.

Draped in boomslang-coloured carbon fibre, there is a lot going on here but it doesn't end at the skin - or at the leather fit for a 24-7 Scandinavian trance club.

Under the bonnet has also been poisoned, which brings about 71-more-kW, up from the standard 177, which is substantially more sting. The 4C was already real stingy as it was so we can only imagine how it must feel now.

Indeed, if you like your Alfas distinct, this is the one you'll want and to be honest, GT MAG pretty much loves it all. Every poisonous bit!

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