You'll never guess what car this is

Not in our wildest dreams would we have guessed it either. But, this very car could have changed history.

There are many interesting car stories every where you look but few are as interesting as the 1966 Porsche 911 by Nuccio Bertone, which is, believe it or not, a real Porsche 911 signed off by Porsche themselves. Had it taken off and become a thing, it could have redefined the Porsche 911 we know today.

It's actually scary to think that motoring legacies are built or forgotten in an instant and what is truth now could very well have not been.

In 1966 a Californian Porsche dealer by the name of John von Neumann wanted to satisfy his Porsche buyers by offering them a fully open-top 911, which at the time didn't exist. Of course, there was talk of a Targa over in Germany but not even that was open enough for the California buyer.

So, what he did then, with the permission of Porsche, was approach an Italian. That's what people do when they want pretty cars made, especially then, and that Italian was none other than Nuccio Bertone, world famous car designer from Turin.

The brief was simple. Design a Porsche 911 to satisfy the California elite who loved their cars

open-aired and California style. Porsche would have to sign off on it of course, which they did, and nine months later this was the product.

A Porsche 911 built on a 911 chassis, but redesigned with the artful touch of Bertone. As such, it arrived looking like some of the famous Italian sports cars of the day, including the Fiat 850 Spyder by Bertone himself.

What it did not look like though was a Porsche 911 and that there is plain to see.

Nonetheless, it went public at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show and was unveiled as an actual Porsche product, alongside the Porsche 911 Targa. Reception was 'warm' and people liked it but not enough to ever order one.

So, only this lonely one was ever built and John von Neumann took it for himself. The rest is history.

Now, and one colour change later (it was red originally) it is up for auction and is set to fetch as much as R14m! That's a lot, yes, but the story itself is surely worth it. This is a legend in its own right and the most unique Porsche ever built. R14m? What a bargain.