Meet the smallest Nissan GTR in the world!

Liberty Walk have taken a tiny Daihatsu Copen and squeezed on a GTR face. Sommer just because!

Images: Mark Riccioni​

Remember the Copen? That Daihatsu that no one reasonable ever bought? Well, it turns out that you can make it pretty damn awesome if you have the time and patience to squish-up the face and ass of a Nissan GTR, and (sommer just because) gooi it onto a Copen!

Indeed ntwana, this is now the smallest GTR in the world, and comparatively, probably has the biggest spoiler too. Nice!

Well, it isn't really a GTR we suppose - no it won't send you into a state of turbo'd whiplash - but we'd be lying if we didn't think it looked pretty shweet, if of course you like your GTRs pocket-sized.

As is reported in Top Gear UK this is Liberty Walk's latest mad-man vision and it's got us all thinking: Why isn't it a thing?

Come on Nissan - sort your ish out! Imagine taking corners in this thing! Imagine the kick-back with a sick little 2-litre...

Damn. You've gotta love Japan.