Lotus SUV on the cards? Please no

Geely will reportedly put R28 billion into Lotus to revive its soul. But, there's talk of an SUV, which will destroy it!

So Geely, the mega-Chinese car brand, will do to Lotus what steroids do to men-boys from Fourways whose GTIs don't get enough attention. It will pump them right up and make them look as South Rand as the Glen, without needing to go there. Thank goodness.

In other words, Geely cash will put Lotus onto the same plain as the big boys like Ferrari and Lambo and, unlike those men-boys mentioned now, that is actually a good thing.

Indeed, we would also love to see one of the most iconic racing names in the world finally produce cars as consistently and brilliantly as some of the Italians and every car-loving human will, no doubt, love it too.

Like this news: A new Lotus Elise will arrive in 2020, which is very good. But, what's bad is this: A Lotus SUV will also likely arrive with it, which is very bad.

Sure, brands make money from SUVs to keep their sports derivatives going and yes we love them, for the most part. But now that Porsche, Lambo, Maserati, Bentley and Ferrari (coming soon) have a SUV for themselves, enough is enough bro.

Enough is enough!

Don't do it Geely. Respect the driver.  Respect the legend.

Respect, respect, respect! We don't need another sports car-come-SUV and especially not from Lotus. Please no.

The Lotus 3-Eleven. It's as Lotus as it never needs to be.