Buy Bond's Aston Martin new for R61m

Jip. That's a real number by the way. And yes, you get the revolving number plates too!

You really have to love Aston Martin (and really have to love James Bond's Goldfinger) to want to spend R61 million on a brand new DB5 replica of his movie car.

Oh and believe it: It will be a real Aston Martin DB5, specs and all, built by Aston Martin itself at the original DB5-building facility, but this time it will come with all the touches from the movie including revolving numberplates "and more".

What "more", we have no idea, but we imagine that driving around in a classic (but brand new DB5) will be well worth it anyway, gimmicks aside.

25 will be built and all will come in "Silver Birch", which is a colour just like silver, but more expensive. Nice.

A project co-ordinated in conjunction with Oscar-winner Chris Corbould, it will very much be big screen ready when it is delivered and will turn heads like the A-listers of its ilk.

Pity then you won't be able to take it out when it arrives because not a single one will be road legal, which is like giving a kid a toy and telling them that they can't play with it.

Cruel buggers! That's for sure.