New fast Ford comes standard with a parachute!

It does the quarter-mile in the 8 second range and can you believe it, you can actually buy one.

For those out there not too familiar with quarter mile times, know this: A mid 8-second quarter mile is about twice as fast as a Golf GTI. But, if that still means nothing, know this then: This Ford Mustang Cobra Jet is considerably quicker to the quarter than the Dodge Challenger Demon, which itself was so fast that it had some conservative heads calling for it to be banned.

This will destroy a Ferrari, a Lambo and most likely every tuned-up Nissan 1400 with trolley wheels that has ever graced South African tracks.

Indeed, this Cobra Jet is so brutal that it comes with its own trolley wheels so that it doesn't end up on its roof, and a parachute so that you don't end up through a wall when your brakes don't do the stopping thing.

Holy smokes: If you've ever watched casual drag racing at your local strip, let this sink in. It is highly unlikely that you've seen anything quicker and the fact then that you can now buy one just adds to the awesome reality of the motoring world that we actually live in.

Only 68 will be built though, which means it will be very rare and at R1.8 million each it will be one of the more expensive toys that you can own. And we call it a toy, yes, because it is not street legal and you will only ever be able to play with it at the track.

Power outputs haven't even been mentioned yet because they're probably morally offensive, but know that a "special" Coyote V8 is strengthened by a Whipple supercharger, which, as an onomatopoeia, is amazing.

Yes, an onomatopoeia, if we remember correctly from Grade 8 English is a word that sounds like it is said (we think), so if you say "whipple" with a high pitched voice (but starting out low) you'll know exactly how what this supercharger does, by knowing how it sounds. Nice.

So yes. A biscuit-wheeled, parachute-wielding V8, which is whiplash ready. They call it the Cobra Jet.

We just say 'yoh'.