Opel unveils stunning GT X concept!

Things have been quiet from Opel for a while. But, from out of nowhere, now this...

Make no mistake about it. This is possibly the best looking concept that we have seen this year and nogal from a brand that you would never expect it from. Good ol' Opel!

Jip, from out of nowhere, Opel has given us this, the electric GT X, and promises us that this is how fresh all Opels will look by the middle of the next decade.

Well, sign us up brother. This is innovative stuff. It's been described as a coupé-style SUV, which is, whether you like it or not, the future.

Indeed, it won't be long now until cars shaped like this will outsell your favourite hatch back, and if they look this good, there's not too much to worry about. 

The front is exceptionally well designed, a "curved-square" if you will, and the overall feel is just right. The propotions are right. The tone is right. And the wheels, over-sized and colour-coded to match, are just perfect. 

Now, sure, we will probably never get to see anything like this in real life because, well, that's motoring life and car brands are teasers, but at least it gives us insight into what we want to see.

Or this: Pressurize Opel enough and they might, just like Honda's Urban EV, be forced to build the damn thing, which is possible too...

Whatever the case, we dig this. We dig this a lot, Opel! So keep them coming please. Keep them coming.