Infiniti unveil mighty Prototype 10!

Not so long ago, Infiniti gave us the Prototype 9, which was beautiful. Now, they’ve given it a modern take and it is inspirational!

It's been a long time coming but car brands are starting to see the design value in racers from the 30s, 40s and 50s and it is absolutely inspirational stuff. It is definitely a forward-thinking look that we hope to see more of, and Infiniti are leading the charge.

This design comes on the back of the Prototype 9, which was gorgeous, but now they've even outdone that. The bubble of over the driver and how it fades downward, harks back to those hardcore racers of an era long gone and again it just makes us worry...

Indeed, did our forefathers have more taste than us? With cars shaped like this, it’s hard not to think that and yes, dare we say it, this will become the go-to shape of all super cars to come, built on the back of your forward-thinking Oupa.

Dankie Baba!

Of course, this is electric and of course, its stats will be mighty if it ever arrives, but what's most important is that it gives us an insight into what the brand will look like as the next decade rushes in.

Well, rush on in then please. The sooner our cars look like this, the better.

Very, very nice indeed. So go on, find your nearest old person and tap them on the back. Their taste was impeccable.