Lambo's Aventador SVJ is a snarler!

This is the most powerful naturally-aspirated Lambo ever built. Say no more!

Dooie! This Lamborghini is literally snarling! Take a look at the new front-end nostrils and imagine for a moment that it was yours...

Imagine for a moment driving one of these. Imagine pulling up to a robot and snarling brother. Snarling! Snarling like a boss. Because, be assured, no matter what's next to you, you are going to beat it and that there is fact. Yes, officially.

Jip, this SVJ, which stands for Superveloce Jota (awesome right?), is now officially the fastest production car around the Nurburgring. It smashed a full 2 seconds of the Porsche 911 GT2's time, which, no doubt, made some German engineer very, very angry.

(Although, because Lambo is owned by Audi we can only imagine that it also made another German engineer very, very happy).

Bru, no matter what Cape road you're on, no matter what Mpumulanga pass you're tackling, do it one of these and there ain't nobody touching you brother. Nobody!

50kg lighter than the standard Aventador, everything has been tweaked to deliver more performance, tighter feels and an all round more vicious experience to match the snarling looks. From the steering to the roll cages to the aerodynamics, everything is the standard Aventador - but on steroids!

0-100km/h in 2.8 seconds delivered via 566kW are just the type of numbers that make us feel good. But, more importantly, what makes us feel the most good is this: This is a proper over-the-top Lamborghini and that's exactly how Lambos should be. None of this understated, James Bond, refined-looks nonsense. In your face vulgarity - yes please!

Then, there's the limited edition SVJ 63, which is all that same snarling euphoria with a couple of lekker decals to really make you feel special! They're dedicated to the year 1963 - Lambo's founding year and only 63 will be built.

But, don't stress if you have to "settle" for the standard. We're pretty sure that life is treating you just fine anyway. You'll live...

Besides. We prefer it in green. Sommer boomslang and all!