Divo the Diva! Bugatti's newish super car!

Only 40 will be built and all 40 have been sold. Here's why...

Because it's a Bugatti people! Jirre. Why else? But, what are they actually getting that they haven't got from the Chiron already?

To be honest, it's hard to tell because this is essentially an extensively redesigned Chiron and nothing else. Yes, someone sommer got out the pencil at Bugatti and tuned, 'nought china, this thing needs a fresh look'.

Because underneath, it has the same motor, same power stats, but does shave a microsecond off of the 0-100km/h time and now hits that in 2.4.

Cool, we suppose. And certainly a whole lot damn cooler than those two silly sun roofs that they gave the standard Chiron a few weeks ago. That was just lazy.

This though is very nice and we prefer it to the Chiron. And we especially like the blue-walled tyres and the blue trimming. It's a good look.

But, as always with Bugatti, something is missing. For a car that has everything, it always lacks something. What though, we can't be sure.

Heck, we wouldn't say no though. Would you?

Oh, and then there's the price. R91.6 million. Yes, you read correctly.