Ferrari is so Pista off, it sommer chucked the roof!

Yes, months later and we're still using the same old jokes. But hey, it doesn't make this Ferrari any less awesome.

Yes, in true super car style, Ferrari have taken their monumental 488 Pista and sommer chucked the roof to make you remember it. They call it the 488 Pista spider, which, quite frankly, sounds poisonous.

Not that Ferrari ever needs remembering by the way, but in a world that now gives us more super cars than Polos (praise the heavens), it's tough out there for even the very best.

Still, and let's be honest, Ferrari shouldn't ever need to prove themselves, should they? Sure, there are some awesome new super cars about, some more striking than this to be honest, but for most people around the world, including GT MAG, this remains the benchmark.

Ferrari is Ferrari, and Ferrari is the most awesome. Period.

This Pista spider then is the awesome'mest Ferrari there is, because, well, what's better than a Ferrari with the most powerful Ferrari-built-V8 ever? Well, one without a roof of course, and especially one without a roof that pushes out the same stats than the hard-roofed version. Nice.

Yes, despite being 100kg heavier, it still smacks 100km/h in 2.85 seconds, which is impressive. To 200km/h though, things are slightly slower - now coming in at 8 seconds - but hey, you wont't be left wanting, will you?

338km/h top speed is unchanged - mooi - and the sound of its thunderous V8 will even be louder (we can only imagine) without the muzzle of a roof spoiling things.

Indeed, what it all means is this: If you're ever in the position to own one, you will be a king.

Women. Will. Like.

Men. Will. Like.

Everyone. Will. Like. 

Except Aston owners. Those guys be trippin'.