BMW 9-series? Real or not?

GT commentator, Tokelo Mahlaba, takes a closer look at the rumours that BMW is not stopping at 8. Yes, the 9-series might be the next one-up.

Freshly-baked rumours of the BMW 9-series have resurfaced and it's not the first time that we hear about it. Various motoring publications have reported on it from as far back as 2014, but, in the euphoria of the 8-series, the rumours have dissolved.

So, is it actually coming then or not? Well, we don't know to be honest, but we wouldn't be surprised if it did.

But, if it did, what kind of car it will be? Put simply: It will be the direct rival to the Rolls-Royce Phantom - big, super-luxurious and with a sporty disposition.

Longer and more luxurious than even the 7-series, the 9-series will boast an awesome presence and will no doubt feature groundbreaking tech as the new luxurious flagship of the brand. Of course, we anticipate advanced autonomous capabilities, possibly an electric powerplant too, and a limousine like feel to its existence.

BMW, after all, does own Rolls Royce, so why not just offer a cheaper version of what they already give? All the expertise is there anyway.

Watch this space.