Future Mercedes will come with a choice of engine sound

Meet the EQ Silver Arrow. It comes with the choice of different engine sounds at the click of a button. Lekker!

One of the biggest concerns of the electric car era will be engine sound, which is strange. For most people, the quieter the engine, the better. So what's the issue?

Well, for us normal people - car lovers, that is - engine sound is important, especially if you buy a sporty car and want to show it off like a boych. The thought then of a deathly silent electric super car is as alien and strange as a gas braai, and something that we're not prepared to accept.

Don't get us wrong. GT MAG absolutely loves electric cars. It loves the environment too and it looks forward to an electric era of sub two-second machines. But, so much of a car's soul is born in the sound that is makes and that there is an issue that has to be addressed.

Mercedes-Benz have the answer.

They've built the EQ Silver Arrow, which harks back to land-speed-record racers of the 1930s. Indeed, it is awesome to behold and this is exactly what happens when the boss says, 'Alright gents, have some fun with your pencils and give me a Mercedes that breaks necks!"

This is the result and this is our verdict: WOW!

But, most importantly it comes with the choice of engine sounds that you will miss when the firing-injector disappears. Yes, click a button and it will sound like an AMG V8 or, if you're really feeling up to it, it will deafen you like Hamilton's F1 car, which is, without doubt, amazingly cool news to learn.

Other cool things include an on-board electric racing driver who will help you get the most from your lap times. Its computer will tell you how to speed and when, what angles to take via a superimposed screen, and then when to brake which, no doubt, will be a lot later than your underpants can handle.

All that, and the fact that it looks amazing, is a good sign for Mercedes and its future.

But most importantly, it's a good sign for all car lovers the world over. The goosebump-giving sounds of yesteryear are going nowhere son. All that will change is the method of delivery and the smell of the air.

Nice! And perfect, we'd say.