Back yard jobbie Porsche - or brilliant Porsche?

DP Motorsport have made this. It's a Porsche 964 Turbo that doesn't look like one. But, is it nice?

South Africa has its fair share of back yard job creations that for the most part look comical and ridiculous. Still, we love them here at GT MAG because, well, they speak to our car mad creativity, even if their lines are not quite as fresh as factory made ones, with teams of engineers.

Nope, back yard jobbies are the product of homemade sweat, love and vision, and what you get is what you get - head turners for good or bad, and cars that are sometimes so ugly that it defies belief that their owners ever thought they were cool.

But hey, no disrespect. Let a brother enjoy his taste and reap the benefits of his labour. Aweh...