Amazing! Nostalgic Lancia as cool as it gets

Italian coachbuilder, Automobili Amos, has given birth to this. It's to die for!

This here is a Lancia Delta Integrale without any of the Lancia that you've come to gossip about over the years. Like unreliability. And rust. And faulty Italian electrics. And essential things that don't work. Like seatbelts. And engines. And brakes.

Nope, this here is pure Lancia joy without any of that. It is perfect!

It's called the Futurista and is a complete reworking of the iconic 80s hatch, which is, arguably, the most iconic of all hot hatches to ever live. Whatever the case, this is certain: Car lovers love Lancia and this is as cool as it gets. This is the ultimate.

Draped in carbon fibre bits, it loses 90 kgs, its back doors and nothing else. Everything looks as good as the 80s machine that it has polished and we'd be lying if we weren't drooling.

It is as square as a square should be and should, even these days, make a GTI a little nervous. Not only because of how striking it is, but because of what's underneath. Everything has been redone, to deliver 246kW through an 80s chassis, which must feel, quite frankly, awesome.

If you care to know, this is a kind of mix-up of the 80s rally winners, which makes it extra pimp. Yes, this type shape of Lancia won two world championships at a time when winning them was more dangerous than ever.

Lancia are well known for having taken safety short cuts in a time when safety was not a priority anyway, which makes this rendition all the more appealing in a sadistic sort of way (worry not though, brakes and all have been beefed up in this dedication).

But, more fantastically, this Lancia was born in a time when the world rally championships were being taught a lesson by 4-wheel drive cars. Isn't it just stunning then that this is the last of a bloodline that destroyed the Audi Quattro in the early eighties and became the last ever rear-wheel drive car to win the world rally championship.

Holy heck bro. If that's not cool, what is?

Indeed, this is a cool car. This is as cool as it gets.

For R5.4 million, it better well be...