This is America! Brusier Honcho looking to invade

It's a hardcore Jeep Wrangler. And no, the military didn't even order it. 'Merica!

Yes, there's a V8 and yes there's a diesel. And no, we won't waste your time with the base stats because, well, this is the only number that matters: Give the green the light and Brusier Conversions of Florida USA will tune your new Brusier Honcho V8 to 515kW, which is a planetary amount of power. 

Then, they'll do to its face what a baseball bat does to one's nose. Make it ugly, that is. Very.

All-in-all you'll get the Bruiser Honcho: The most hardcore Jeep Wrangler we've ever seen and your very own democracy-making-machine.

So go on. Have some fun then. Invade something!

Sure, this all playful American banter, but seriously though, we don't know of any another country that makes off-roaders military grade, with wheels that boast their own gravitational pull. Although to be fair, we do know of a country that very much likes it and spoiler alert: If you saw a taxi skip a red robot this morning you live in that country! It's ours by the way.

Mzansi for life!

But yoh, ouens. This, in grey, looks brutal. Dangerous. Intense. And we want one. We want one bad son!

A base price from R600 000 or so is also not deadly expensive, but let's be serious Mfwethu. If you buy a car called the Brusier Honcho and it looks like this, why then are you even considering a base option?

Go all out bro. All or nothing. This is America!