Crime stats, take this! A hijack-proof Aston

This Aston Martin DB11 protects “against attacks with handguns, kidnapping, car-jacking or theft of valuables”. Perfect.

If you're feeling little vulnerable after the release of South Africa's latest crime stats, well, worry not. You can now own this: An armoured Aston Martin DB11 that is, quite literally, hijack-proof.

Indeed, it is a 'level 4' armoured DB11 by German company Trasco, which is now probably wondering who on earth is going to buy it. Well, worry not Trasco: This will be the perfect machine on any late-night Joburg turn-off when ouens are feeling a little vulnerable.

Jokes aside, hijackings are real traumatic, but this will turn that feeling on its head. You could, quite literally, pull your tongue at a gun-wielder and tune 'jou ma se kar!' before taking a bullet and safely pulling off.


It only weighs an extra 150kg too, which is a lot for a sports car to be fair, but worry not. 447kW is more than enough to get you places in a rush, all that extra fat aside.

Not that you'd need to rush now. You're as safe as button. So chill. Take it easy. Pull tongues where you want.