Digital side mirrors? It's rubbish and selfish

Lexus gives its new ES electric side mirrors. It's a world first! And it's stupid.

The 7th generation Lexus ES is about as interesting as a stove. No, this isn't some cooking analogy, just this: Think of a stove and what it means to you. Nothing right? Jip, that's the ES.

But, in a bid to stand out in a sea of boring cars, the new ES will come to market (in Japan at least) with digital side mirrors that are meant to enhance safety. Well, at least that's what they're saying.

Cleverly designed so that the outside camera doesn't collect water droplets, it only activates when in reverse or when your indicators are switched on. It sends the image to 5-inch displays on either side of the dashboard.

Well, here's what we think about it all. It's rubbish. Absolute rubbish!

Firstly, we don’t only use our mirrors when we're changing lanes and reversing. We use them for so many things and being able to instantly glance at them is essential when driving.

Secondly, why can't we just use a mirror? A billion year old reflective mirror? Why do we have to look behind us via a 5-inch display? It's pointless and, rain drops aside, we don't give AF.

All it's doing is playing on our obsession with small screens, and is trying to fool us into thinking that we're getting more value for our money. Well, we're not!

Then, thirdly, there's that main reason. Without a side mirror, how are you going to check yourself out when you're driving to see if you're looking good?

It's selfish, we tell you. Selfish!