Raptor's off-road Mustang! But is it real?

The Raptor treatment is everywhere these days. So, why not a Mustang too?

Mzansi, behold, an off-road Mustang that isn't real. Sorry for making you click guys but this is only a rendering by X-Tomi Design that's all about the fun.

Indeed, Mustang power taken off-road would really be a whole lot of fun, let's be honest, and this thing looks really cool too, but some things will just never be. Alas.

Or will they?


Let's be honest. If Lamborghini can make an SUV and Mercedes can make a car that changes its engine sound for fun, an off-road Mustang doesn't sound too far-fetched, does it?

These days, nothing surprises us when it comes to the world of cars and to be honest, this is cool. A whole lot cooler than a 2-litre Ranger Raptor, that's for sure!