Check this nxa Kia Ceed GT! Pity it's pointless...

Kia's new Ceed GT looks the part. But what's its point?

Ah Kia, the power to surprise over and over and over again, so much still that is must be the most relevant motoring slogan in the world. As it has done so many times over recent years it has produced yet another head-turner - and we're impressed.

This GT looks real good and even comes with red finishings here and there to make you feel like you're a little naughty. Check out the red strips beneath the bumpers and the doors and have a grin. It all means this: Buy it and you won't be the boring man that the world thinks you are! Nope, you like a good ol' spanking, don't know?

Well, a light spanking, that is.

Disappointingly, this is actually not a hot hatch and isn't the rival to its cousin the Hyundai i30N. Why? Well it's only technically a "performance hatch' with an up-tuned 1600 that pushes 150kW. No doubt then, it's probably very good and punchy, but it will not face-off with the GTIs of the world and every ST and RS about will leave it in the mirror.

It makes you wonder then what's the point? Why offer a great-looking hatch if isn't as hot as those red touches suggest?

Well, it will be a lot more affordable than the hot hatches mentioned here, that's for sure, but it will it be more affordable than the VW Polo GTI that also comes with pedigree, punch and a whole lot more torque?

Look, this Kia is very nice looking, don't get us wrong. But if it can't play with the big boys, and still gets smacked by the small boys, what exactly is its purpose?

Well, perhaps that will never be our conundrum to solve anyway because it's not entirely certain whether South Africa will get it.


What do you think?