Porsche - a 150 word history for those who care

The Porsche brand is one of the most iconic of all, but it all started with a bug!

Porsche was founded in 1931 by his Stuttgart-based legend, Ferdinand Porsche. Respect!

In 1934 it worked with Volkswagen to design a car 'for the people'. Ah yes! To this day the Beetle is one of the most successful designs of all time and you don’t need to be punched to understand why.

Fast forward to 1948 when the first-ever Porsche rolled off of the assembly line. It was called the 356 and it was beautiful. Interestingly, Porsche won the 1951 Le Mans with the 356, which just adds to its timeless aura.

In 1964 Porsche released what was to become a poster-child of racing and Ferrari's most annoying German cousin. The 911, born with a rear-mounted six-cylinder boxer motor, was the screamer of its era - and very little has changed.

It quickly became the most successful Porsche of all time and is now still the go-to car for wealthy men in a mid-life crisis.


Did you know that roughly 70% of all Porsches sold today comprise of the Panamera, the Cayenne and the Macan?

Nope, neither did we.