Pointless Mercedes-AMG GT43 coupe unveiled

First there was the 63, then the 53. So we guess it makes sense that the 43 was next. Or does it?

Friends of friends. Brothers of brothers. The GT cars of the world are all the shiz and we don't have to look further than Gigaba's BMW M8 to understand why. Go and check it out in the April issue of GT MAG and you too will be in love. It's sick! But, as awesome, is this - the Mercedes alternative, the GT 63 S, which, when it arrived, was somewhat of a let-down in matte-black, but in blue or red really re-ignites the spirit of the concept, which was outrageously good. This red Mercedes then is exactly that. A GT 63 S, but watered down a lot. Nope, it's not the GT 63. Nor is it the GT 53, which when it arrived was also strange. But, instead, it's the Mercedes-AMG GT 43, which is as pointless as a Telkom landline. 

What in the smokes is the point of this car? It arrives with exactly the same looks and engine as the GT 53, but although it boasts the same respectable 3-litre straight 6, it has been detuned to give you less power. In fact it pushes 50kW less than the 53, and taps out at 270kW. It means that it still hits 100km/h in under 5 seconds (4.9 to be exact), which still makes it AMG GT sort of fast and AMG GT sort of cool. In fact, it is only 0.4 seconds slower than the 53 derivative, which is even more baffling. So why then, you rightly wonder, would you not get the 53? Why would you get something that looks identical to something else, but is less powerful? Of course, you could ask the same of the 53 when the 63 is in your face, but that jump is less bizarre than this. The 63 at least comes with a different power plant all together and perhaps speaks to a different audience from a power delivery perspective.

But it's the jump between the 43 and 53 that is the most bizarre and money, you'd think, is the answer. The 53 is obviously more expensive than the 43 and you'd be right. Prices are yet to be released, but the 43 will be the cheapest of the bunch. Still though, that's irrelevant and here's why: These are not entry level Picantos and all will still be well over R1.5 million each, which are the sort of prices that don't really bother the type of rich folk who are considering these cars in the first place. Essentially what we're saying is this: If you're even in the financial bracket to consider a Mercedes-AMG GT 43, it is highly likely that you can afford a 53 anyway, so why in why's name would you settle for the less powerful one? Beats us bro. Beats us good!