Yoh! Awesome Ferrari Monza unveiled!

Ferrari have taken the fight to super cars all over the world and just showed them who's boss.

In a world that now generously gives us new super cars almost every week, it becomes very difficult to stand out in a crowd. But, wow. Wow, wow, wow! Take a look at this new Ferrari duet. It's called the Monza and arrives in two guises: The SP1 and SP2.

They're inspired by the iconic Ferrari racers from the middle of last century and make no mistake about it: They are absolutely stunning!

The first, the SP1, is a single-seater and might very well be the most beautiful super car unveiled this century. It is truly a masterpiece to behold and perfect just as it is, lonely driver and all.

Everything about it is a car lover's wet dream. A driver's paradise! Like the two-seater version it sports the most powerful V12 ever built by Ferrari and screams to 100km/h in 2.9 seconds compliments of 603kW and 719Nm of filthy torque.

These are numbers to die for, but in a car that looks this good it is truly difficult to find the words to give it justice.

That yellow stripe that cuts the bonnet. The single lifted head rest that slopes on down. Holy smokes, this car is properly sexy and Lamborghini are going to have to do something extraordinary to make us look away.

Then, there's the two seater, which you'll probably want if you have any friends. Although it is not as immediately striking as the SP1, it is still absolutely outrageous and everything you'll ever want in a super car if you value your relationship with your girlfriend.

It's the same story performance wise by the way and my-oh-my are you destined to have some fun.

Best part about it though is that you might actually even get to see the Monza because Ferrari will build 500 of these, which means that it isn't some crazy one-off. It is actually a buyable Ferrari that will need a helmet. 

Hectic! How cool is that?

Just weeks ago we spoke about how on-the-cusp motoring design is now looking to the 40s and 50s for inspiration. Well, now, know this then. There is no going back after seeing how good an era it is when looking to inspire the future.

And, like it has been doing since the very racers upon which the Monza is based, Ferrari has set the standard yet again. And yet again, it shows the super car world who's boss!

It's kind of satisfying to be honest and just feels right.