Yowzer! Baby AMG will smash your bits

Mercedes-AMG has unveiled the A35 4Matic. It's downright lovable!

Some cars are just awesome. They don't require a deeper look; they do need a unique take. Nope. All they need is this - a Yowzer!

Take a look bro. The new baby AMG is freaking awesome and it will smash your bits!

Its 2-litre turbo hits 100km/h in 4.7 seconds, which is probably why it's grinning like a naughty brak that just messed the flowers. 225kW of pocket-ready power turns wheels with 400Nm of torque, which makes this a very sexy and very potent hot hatch that, hear this, won't even be the top of the range. 

Yes, an AMG A45 will arrive too, but this, the A35, is possibly everything that you'll ever need. Sure, that's ironic coming from GT MAG. Usually we'd tell you to suck it up, be a man, and wait for the A45 instead, but seriously ma'china, you'd be as happy with this.

Trust! Would we lie to you? Hells no - neva!

It is the direct competition to the Golf R, the S3 Sportback and of course the M140i, which puts in the company of very lovable machines. But, dare we say it, this is the most lovable of the lot, especially in eye-burn yellow. Heck, for an over-priced hot hatch, it will deliver all the thrills that you'll ever need from a tar-eating machine.

To be fair, it's more than a hot hatch. Hot hatches these days lie within Polo GTI territory, and this is another two steps up.

But, if you have another 2-steps-up of cash money moola, this is the one you'll want. No doubt!

Well, it's the one we'll want at least, and just as it is. In eye-burning yellow with that cheeky little brak grin.