Fresh! Peugeot's e-Legend concept is revolutionary

The reinvented 504 coupe is a bold statement from a French brand that we sometimes forget exists.

South Africa has a love-hate relationship with French cars. Indeed, we either love them a lot or hate them a lot - and nothing in between. Renault, of course, is our favourite Frenchman on four wheels because they make vicious boy racers for fun and what's not to love about that?

Peugeot though is a strange brand.  We sometimes forget that it even exists only to then momentarily remember the 207 GTi, which packed quite a punch when it arrived and then disappeared. Or did it? 

Goodness knows if they still even make it, which says a lot about our relationship with Peugeot.

Indeed, we'd be both surprised and not surprised if they did or didn't. Truthfully, we're not even compelled to find out...

Be that all as it may, now this: A French surprise out of left field that has left us grinning. Gents. Ladies. Meet the e-Legend concept, which is as cool as its name sounds, which doesn't happen very often. Certainly, it doesn't ever happen when it comes to Peugeot.

Yes, from nowhere, a modern take on the 504 coupé that we absolutely love from a brand that, these days, can produce some of the most boring cars on Planet Earth. The recent 508 speaks for itself.

But, not so anymore brothers.

Take a look. An electric machine straight out of the sixties without even a single attempt to dull it down. It is as square as they come and is very striking. In fact, we're so impressed with it that we're even putting it in the same bracket as Honda's revolutionary EV concept that Frankfurt gave us last year. 

Indeed, this is a forerunner for the concept of 2018. What do you think? Its profile is blistering hot and in some strange sense reminds us of a Dodge Challenger - but better. Yes, there is a muscle car feel to this without being as obvious.

It is very smart too by the way and will have to be. It will arrive into a decade of very smart cars so it makes sense that there's some "autonomousity" in the air, despite how much we despise the tech. Of course, there is enough electricity pumping through its veins to get you to 100km'h in "under 4 seconds", which is casual vibes for electric cars these days so we won't say much about that, but just smile and thank the car Gods.

340kW, Peugeout say, is the driving number and 800Nm of torque is another impressive number to match. A 600km driving range and 25 minute charge-up time are also great digits and it means that the engineers have given justice to the creative team that put this all together.

“A modern, sharper coupé," explains Gilles Vidal, style director at the French brand, is what they were looking for. 

"This ultra-technological archetype of automotive pleasure finds its deep strength in the DNA of the Peugeot 504 Coupé. Peugeot e-Legend concept projects us in the near future without any nostalgia."

Well. We're not too sure if we agree that it doesn't give off some sense of nostaligia. We think it does, which is a good thing. Nonetheless, a design well played and we can only hope for more just like this from the most forgettable brand on the planet.

For their sake, they need it. For our sake, we want it!