Ford’s new monster lorry inspired by the Marvel universe

No you don’t care about trucks. But, when they look like this, you will!

When Tesla unveiled their electric trucking solution to the dirty lorry industry, little did we know that Ford  would respond with this: It’s a lorry with a face from the Marvel universe and is, without a shadow of a lorry-doubt, something straight out of Tony Stark’s basement.

You think we’re lying?

Well, we’re not! Well, not about the Marvel part that is, because Ford did use Marvel characters as inspiration when designing this Tesla rival.

It’s called the electric F-Vision concept and its body parts can move about and adjust for reasons unknown to GT MAG, but since when has Tony Stark ever had to disclose the ‘why’ behind his tech? It’s obvious that this truck is here to do good and save the world. That’s all we’ll ever need to know.

Jokes aside though, this is actually a real concept that boasts high-level autonomy and must be powered by the same stuff that powers Iron Man suits. Yes an arc reactor brother, palladium and all!

Because let’s be real, if it's not, how disappointing would that be?