Hot Hyundai i30N gets an ass!

The i30N has grown a bum. It's a bum we like.

When the i30N arrived it brought smiles. It was clear that there was a new hot hatch player in the game and for once it wasn't European or Japanese, but instead - South Korean?

There's no mistaking it: South Koreans make very good cars and have done so for the last decade at least, and the i30N was the confirmation that we needed. 

Here's why:

Sure, one can make good cars, but can one make good cars that young brothers actually want to drive and own? The i30N was a big yes on that front and when it arrived GT MAG said quite brazenly that your little boet would not be mad to consider it over a GTI and that there says a lot about the growth of the brand. 

Now, they're building on their progress with a very interesting take on the i30N, called the i30 Fastback N, which arrives with an ass. It is very cool and plays on a new type of hot young car that is not all about the 'hatch' in hot hatch, but the 'hot'!

Indeed, the performance package in this, like in the hatch, pushes 202kW and you can expect more of the same in the 0-100km/h department, which will come in at 6.1 seconds-or-so. 

It means that this will be as biting as the 130N, but with the possibility of a weekend away camping.

Lekker! And fresh, we say. But whether South Africa gets it, is another story all together.