The battle for Sandton! New X5 v GLE

Sandton’s favourite SUVs have been refreshed and here's what Sam the Man has to say about it all.


Mercedes hasn’t been too daring, have they? The GLE's rear end reminds us of an A-Class and we're not sure if that's the best thing on an SUV. Regardless, the changes outside are minimal and we expected more from a styling perspective.

BMW however, have tightened things up, stretched out the iconic kidney grills and in its place given us massive flared nostrils. It looks the sportier of the two and definitely the bravest!

Winner? The X5.

What say you Sandton?


The cabin of the new GLE has seen the biggest update and it’s looking good ma'gents! Well, besides the forest of middle-aged wood all about it, the tech is fresh and we love the 'Hey Mercedes' feature.

BMW, as always, is very clean and angular, but the dash screens are not as seamlessly styled as in the Merc. To be quite frank though, there is very little to separate the two but the difference lies in the cheesy touches:

We love that we have to greet our Mercedes to work it! What a pleasure.

Winner? The GLE.

What say you Sandton?