Hot hatch? Hyundai aren't playing games son!

Well, they are. It's called spot the difference and there are 25 upgrades to this N Option.

When Hyundai said that they were making a hot hatch, a lot of people sniggered. But now, not only do they make a very good hot hatch, they make it so rebellious that you worry it's on drugs.

Jip, what you're now looking at is the complete set of options that will come available to you should you decide to ditch a GTi and buy this instead. Well, more or less - these are the options that “gives a first glimpse of how Hyundai’s high-performance offer could evolve”.

Praise be to Darwin then! Carbon fibre bonnet, a fat spolier, decals, Recaros, alcantara everywhere you look and then a set of dak 20-inches to really make RS drivers turn their heads. And turn they shall - this is what happens when you give your performance team free reign. They draw on a set of super car nostrils, find a steering wheel fatter than you can close your fist and then sommer screw on a chrome knob to smash the gears.

Well, Hyundai. Thank you kindly.

Perhaps then the most disappointing thing of the lot is that you can't upgrade that motor, but if all is to be believed, that's not really an issue. The world already loves the 202kW and although we haven't had the pleasure of driving one at GT MAG, we suspect that we will still love it too.

And, if someone says you can't know for sure, well, know this then: 202kW through meticulous Asian engineering doesn't require much imagination and it's not our fault that Hyundai won't bring the damn thing here... yet.

In the mean time, it's only a pleasure taking it all in from a distance. This hot hatch is as hot as hatches come.

Yoh! Praise be to Hyundai. Now there's something I never thought I'd write!