New Audi racer hints at the R8 to come!

This is the Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo and you can own it. Importantly, it means that there is a R8 facelift on the way!

Ah yes. Audi. The car we love to hate because it does things that annoy us. Like release a once great super car called the R8 and then refuse to upgrade it as the centuries roll on by.

But now, 600 years later and for the first time since the Renaissance, the Audi R8 to come will look a little different to the one we're saying good bye to, even if this new look does steal from the nostrils of an A1 and reek of the Aventador SVJ.

Anything is better than nothing, we say, and we commend Audi for wanting to refresh an old legend. But, when you realise that however it looks it will never be as good as this awesome Evo racing rendition, you'll still be left with a sense of emptiness.

Sure, you can actually buy this racer for R8 million, but without being able to cruise roads with it, what's actually the point?

Our suggestion then: Get the new R8 and throw on this Evo kit to spruce it up, spoiler and all son! Talk about a way to turn heads. This thing is hectic ma'china. Hectic, hectic and dare we say it, we actually love it despite how Audi has broken our hearts for the last 5 years.

But, like this new race car, rumours are that the new road-going R8 will keep its old V10 in the face of hybrid-using competitors, which means it will come with a 16th century-inspired powerplant instead of the future.

But, not even we can say that that's a bad thing. What sort of human would we be if we didn't love a good ol' V10 in a super car draped like this?

It's fresh! And today we proudly love Audi. It's not every day that we can say that.

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