Vietnam now makes a car! Why can't Mzansi?

The Vietnamese have built the VinFast and it's not very interesting. But, at least they're building something!

The Vinfast LUX A2.0 Sedan and SA2.0 SUV are as boring as their names suggest and we don't care for them. Besides, we're sure that South Africa will never get them anyway so what's the point?

Regardless, their face makes us angry because if Vietnam are mass producing their own cars, why isn't South Africa? GT MAG is entirely sure that we have the skills, so where is the will?

Come on Mzansi, sort your ish out! We need our own car as a symbol of growth and technical achievement, so where is that visionary who will build it? Think on that for a second.

Now back to the VinFast. Two variants of a boring 2-litre will take you to 100km/h in 7.1 and 8.9 seconds respectively, which is something that you will never remember. But, perhaps you'll remember this, which is truthfully one of the more interesting things we've ever heard when it comes to design.

VinFast wanted to capture the essence of the Vietnamese people in the VinFast's design, their "pride, spirit and tenacity" so its design was influenced by public vote. Interesting!

And absolutely fascinating if South Africa did the same. Our version would be shaped like a gusheshe, with its headlights shaped like Bonang's face. It would be khaki of course, and its spoiler would resemble Jack Parow's hat. The grill? Well, imagine Gigaba's smile.

Now that there would be quite the machine!

So build it South Africa. Build it or the world will leave you behind.