This is the Holden Time Attack! Yes, you read correctly

Holden, Australian car manufacturer, has designed an electric hyper car that hits 100km/h in 1.25 seconds. Aussies hey...

Gents, sadly this isn't real. Nope, nothing about it will ever be built (for now) but that shouldn't stop us from dreaming. Because, tell us, which rational car lover doesn't want 1000kW of power and 3240Nm of torque, and then, downforce brought on by air brakes, fans and how's this - lasers?

Aussies hey. You've got to love them.

Regardless, whether you love them Aussies or not, they do share very similar motoring tastes with us South Africans and you need look no further than their fascination with the bakkie to understand why.

Respect mate.

But, tell us, why in the world is Holden, a company that builds East Rand inspired V8s, now pretending to build electric hyper cars that will sommer give Tesla a warm one and tune 'thanks for coming mate'.

Well, they're doing it in dedication to Bathurst.

No, not our beloved Eastern Cape town where you can go and see the world's largest pineapple and destroy your soul at Oxbraai, but the Bathurst 1000, which is a race in Australia that Holden first won in 1968.

Now, you don't care about that and neither do we to be honest, but hey, if it gets them Aussies excited enough to actually try and build this electric monster, who are we to complain?

Besides, the thing is called Time Attack bro. Time Attack!

Surely, that there is a contender for simultaneously the coolest and worst name in the history of all cars. We love it!